Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

We help injured workers return to work in an efficient and durable manner via our specialised multidisciplinary team.

53% of common sprains and strains resulted in permanent impairment,
which in most cases should be easily avoided.

Recent statistics state that if a worker has not returned to work within 20 days,
there is a 30% chance they will never return and after 70 days off,
there is a 65% they will never return to work.

This is the reason why early intervention is crucial to recovery.

We understand that work disability and return to work is a complex process which is best managed when all factors are taken into account. These include the individual characteristics of the worker, physical and psychosocial jobs characteristics, environment and the broader societal factors.


Multidisciplinary assessment (our specialty)

Our highly experienced team of specialist doctors, clinical psychologists and physiotherapists provide comprehensive and individually tailored treatment for a range of pain conditions with particular expertise in the treatment of back and neck pain.

Our team based approach combines the latest medical advances in interventional, physical and behavioural treatments with the goal of improving pain control and restoring quality of life.


Patients can of course be referred to see a specific Health Professional rather than the team if only one, or a few services are required.